Thursday, May 4, 2017

Sistemas de anuncios y Intercom para Escuelas, Universidades, Hoteles, Tiendas, Centros Comerciales, Almacenes, Hospitales

Instalamos sistemas de comunicación y anuncio para empresas en Panamá
Para música de fondo, Vocales, Anuncio, Comunicación de la sala, Administración y más

Tenemos tipos diferentes, con cable y inalambrica. Systema analógico e Digital IP, para musica MP3, Programable, con timbre y sonido,
Software controlado para tiendas grandes y centro comerciales.

Instalación, programación y prueba de su sistema!

Servicio rapido y bueno!

Tenemos sistemas economicas y sistemas mas profesionales - todo cual se quiere

Trabajamos en La Chorrera, Ciudad de Panama y Coronado.
Llama ahora!

Para llamadas o WhatsApp Alemán e Inglés: 6746-5177
Para llamadas o WhatsApp español e italiano: 6427-4129

We Speak Spanish, English, Italian, German!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Instalación de sistemas de control de acceso para empresas

Servicio y Soporte en Panamá para todos los tipos de sistemas de control de acceso.


Instalamos sólo equipos profesionales y de calidad - Tenemos control de acceso para pequeñas oficinas, almacenes, puertas de entrada, edificios, estacionamientos y mucho más.

Control de acceso con dedo, contraseña, tarjeta de proximidad, Key Fob, pegatina, control remoto, aplicación móvil y reconocimiento facial.

Instalamos software de monitoreo y control y tambien hardware cerraduras eléctricas, motores, relés, controles y más - Servicio Rapido y Bueno.

Trabajamos en La Chorrera, Ciudad de Panama y Coronado.

Llama ahora!

Para llamadas o WhatsApp Alemán e Inglés: 6746-5177
Para llamadas o WhatsApp español e italiano: 6427-4129

We Speak Spanish, English, Italian, German!

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Friday, February 24, 2017

UV Stickers - Sun Protection in Panama Fast installation and best Quality

Do you need UV Protection in your Apartment or House? We offer high quality 100% UV blocking Films and Stickers in Panama!


A New Service by Tecnorado S.A. and Publicidad del Oeste S.C. in Panama.

We offer different types of Stickers from clear to very dark, light Blue, dark Blue, mirror and reflecting.

Privacy films and glass protection films are available as well as perforated stickers or window advertising stickers.

We only use high quality American Products with up to 7 Years guarantee.

Fast service, best price and precise installation are  our Trademarks!

Call us today for a Quote or send an email!

We work in Panama City, Chorrera, Coronado and Penonome. (and between of course)

   English & German: 6746-5177 

Spanish & Italian: 6427-4129 

Email: / 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Service and Support in Panama - Company for CCTV Cameras, Computer support, Access Controls, Alarm Systems, Servers and networks!

We are your best service Partner in Panama! We install, service and maintain all types of electronic systems. We work fast and reliable. Developement of special solutions.
Large apartment intercom systems, office and voip solutions. Administration of Windows and Linux servers. Data recovery, Backup solutions and more. We work for companies, offices but also for private clients.
We speak english, spanish, italian and german! If you are in need of a reliable partner in Panama / central america - look no further! We service many small to large companies in Panama in Panama City, Arraijan, La Chorrera, Coronado and between!

We install and service systems of security, networks, computers and more...

- CCTV Cameras / Surveillance systems
- Alarm Systems / Home and Business
- Door Intercom / Color, Video, Wireless with electric lock
- Audio Video Intercom (Large video intercom availables)
- Large Apartment Intercom
- Residental area intercom / connect multiple buildings
- Access Controls with rfid, biometric and password
- Servers and Networks (linux, windows, Switches, Cisco, HP and more)
- Time Asistance systems
- Electrical Locks and gate openers
- Wireless Intercom - wireless video intercom
- Servers and Computer / Laptop Maintenance (backup, replacement of parts, removal of virus etc...)

Please visit our new online shop website:

Online Shop:

Call or WhatsApp English and German: 6746-5177
Call or whatsapp Spanish and Italian: 6427-4129


Monday, May 30, 2016

I.T. Support for Companies, Offices and Shops in Panama

Technical support for your company, office and business

Are you tired of slow and unresponsive technicians when you need help? Do you want fast and quality solutions, good prices and support?

Please try us! There is nothing to lose when dealing with Tecnorado S.A. in Panama!

Fair Prices and good quality work is our trademark.

We take care about all your technical equipment in your office such as computers, printers, laptops, access control, networking equipment, intercom systems, electronic locks, alarm systems and more.

We speak english and spanish. 


English & German:


Spanish & Italian:   


Visit our website for more information:


Friday, May 27, 2016

Computer Support, Electrician and Security services in Coronado Panama

Tecnorado S.A. your best technical support in Chorrera. We speak english and spanish.
We have many clients in chorrera and coronado. Please contact us if you need anything. We also work on difficult
faults that others may not be able to fix. Our technicians are specialized in Laptop mainboard repair. Its possible to repair completely
dead machines, overheating, bluescreen, water damage and more...

We work for companies and private clients as well. Fast and reliable work. We are just one call away!

This are all our services:

- repairs of computers and laptops and other electronic devices
- data recovery from laptop, phone, hard disk, memory stick etc...
- installation of software and operating systems (Apple, Windows, Linux)
- maintenance and installation of servers (linux, windows)
- network cableing and configuration of devices such as switches, printers etc
- intercom systems for hotels, offices, or houses
- door bell, electronic locks and door intercom installation
- security systems, cctv cameras, alarm, sensors etc...
- website design and internet marketing
- POS / sale systems, printers, scanners and other equipment
- electrical wiring and installation of electrical devices

Fast support for our clients, rapid response, friendly technicians.


For calls or WhatsApp in German and English: 6746-5177
For calls or WhatsApp in Spanish and Italian: 6427-4129

Friday, May 6, 2016

Computer and Laptop repairs in Panama - I.T. Services

Tecnorado I.T. Services in Panama

Are you tired of slow and unresponsive companies in Panama?

We are working fast and efficient and offer very good prices too!

Tecnorado S.A. is your reliable partner when you need to solve technical issues.

We speak spanish, english, german and italian!


Here is a short list of what we offer:

  • Computer and Laptop repairs (we repair difficult / electronic problems)
  • Installation of Operating Systems, Windows 7, 8, 10, Apple OSX, Linux
  • Data recovery and transfer from broken laptop, phones, tablet, hard disk, memory stick
  • Installation of antivirus software and virus removal
  • Removal of passwords (phones, laptops) and activation of windows
  • Remote support over the internet for software problems
  • Assembly of computers / replacement of components
  • Installation and extending of wireless and wired networks
  • Installation of CCTV cameras and access controls, Alarm systems
  • Installation of Intercom and Phone systems for houses, hotels, shops, offices etc...
  • Web design and internet advertisement in Panama
  • Installation of Split Air Condition and Fans
  • Electrical wiring - light, switches, sockets, breaker box etc.
  • Design and printing of logos, signboards, flyers, business cards etc.

More services on demand are possible! You can contact us anytime! We understand the problem in Panama and try to help you out fast!


Please visit our website for more information:


Call: 6746-5177 (For english and german) or 6427-4129 (spanish and italian)